Terms used in the Terms and Conditions

Seller – Inita Jansauska, owner of the e-store “Initasworks”, registration number 09047510026, legal address and actual address – Liela iela 32, Jelgava, LV-3001, Latvia, e-mail info@initasworks.com.
Consumer – a natural or legal person who expresses a desire to purchase, purchases or could purchase a product or use a service for a purpose that is not directly related to its business;
Buyer – a person who purchases goods in the Seller’s online store. The buyer can be both a Consumer and a person who is not a Consumer;
Product – any thing that the Seller offers or sells to the Consumer through this website;
Manufacturer – a person who, within the scope of his economic or professional activity, manufactures or restores a product for sale or presents himself as a Manufacturer.
Normative acts – Regulations of the Cabinet of Ministers of May 20, 2014 No. 255 “Regulations on distance contracts”, Consumer Rights Protection Law, Civil Law, Commercial Law and other binding regulatory acts;
Terms of use – Manufacturer’s or Seller’s instructions, following which the Product retains the characteristics of use (use) and proper quality, and does not pose a threat to the Consumer’s property, health, life or environment;
Prices – the final price of the Goods indicated on the website, including taxes and fees, for which the Seller sells the Goods through this website. The price does not include the charge for the delivery of the Product;
Website – Seller’s website www.initasworks.com;
Parties – Seller and Buyer.
General terms and conditions – these terms (general terms and conditions of the website).

General terms

These terms define the legal relationship between the Buyer and the Seller.

Exercising the right of withdrawal

If you changed your mind and decided to cancel the purchase, the Consumer Rights Protection Law of the Republic of Latvia (PTAL) and the governing Regulations of the Cabinet of Ministers No. 255 “Rules on distance contracts” (MK Regulations No. 255) state that the buyer has the right to withdraw from the contract within 14 calendar days time and return the product purchased in the online store back to the seller. The period for exercising the right of withdrawal counts from the day of delivery of the Product. Exercising the right of refusal means the Buyer’s notification of refusal of the Product and submitting or sending it to the Seller. The Consumer uses the Seller’s e-mail address info@initasworks.com to notify the cancellation.

Part 6 of Article 12 of the PTAL stipulates that when refusing a purchase in the case of a distance contract, “the consumer is responsible for maintaining the quality and safety of the product during the period of exercise of the right of withdrawal”. We recommend keeping the product’s original packaging, so that when exercising the right of withdrawal in accordance with the terms of the Distance Agreement, the product is not externally mechanically damaged. However, www.initasworks.com reserves the right to refuse to accept a product that is damaged, not complete, and the Consumer cannot exercise the right of refusal if the Product is made according to the Consumer’s instructions and an individual order or the Product is clearly personalized.

The Product to be returned must be delivered to the Consumer – a.k.17, Jelgava, LV-3001, Latvia, and it must be fully assembled, without signs of use and defects.

Initasworks' right to refuse orders

The seller has the right to refuse the order if:


In all cases, the delivery time of the product is agreed upon when placing the order. https://initasworks.com/shipping-returns/ In case of urgent delivery, it is preferable to contact via e-mail info@initasworks.com. Orders placed outside of our working hours will be processed the next day.


Payment for the product can be made by bank (Internet bank) transfer.

www.initasworks.com accepts most payment cards incl. Mastercard, Visa and Maestro. We also accept Paypal and payments from Latvia’s largest internet banks.

You make a money transfer to the payment account specified by us and after the money arrives in our account, the product will be prepared for you and sent to the address specified by the buyer.

Dispute Resolution and Other Terms

Disputes that have arisen between the Customer and the Seller in connection with the ordering and purchase of goods through the E-store shall be resolved through negotiation.

In these regulations, the issues not discussed separately are guided by the Normative Acts in force in the Republic of Latvia.


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